The National Holocaust Museum: My Experience

“He who saves a single life, saves the world entire” – unknown. In the countryside of Nottinghamshire lies the museum that educates people on the haunting yet unforgettable time of the Holocaust during World War Two. The National Holocaust Museum was the first museum to open in the United Kingdom that informs local people as […]

Digitalising Lincoln’s Cultural and Heritage Attractions

Lincoln is full of beautiful cultural and heritage attractions. Nevertheless, we believe that it has fallen under the radar to younger generations due to its inability to modernise and become digital.  The idea behind this blog is to reflect on Lincoln’s main attractions as well as highlight parts of the city that could be addressed […]

Lincoln’s Forgotten Heritage

Throughout the small city of Lincoln, there are various demonstrations of its exciting, beautiful heritage attractions. From the cathedral and castle, to the stonebow arch, there is one attraction built in the 12th century that seems to be bypassed by tourists as well as Lincoln’s own tourist information centre: the Jews’ House. Due to the […]